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Mon Nov 21 10:13:39 PST 2005

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Drummond Reed wrote:

> Which makes me ask what might be a REALLY stupid question: why not just
> require the URL to identify the YADIS file?
> Yes, I know this means that it might be hard to create an identity URL
> at a web server where you can't place a file or you can't control the
> defaults. But since it is SO easy to find a web server where you CAN
> place a file, is it really worth trying to solve the generalized (and
> difficult) problem of how to specify turning a URL that identifies one
> resource into a URL that identifies a different resource (the YADIS XRD
> file)?
> (Again, just punt this question if it's really fall-off-the-edge stupid ;-)
> =Drummond

The problem that I see is that it is very natural to use one's website
as an identity URL, but not so natural to have a second URL only for
YADIS. Rather, it would seem to me to be more natural to specify how to
extract a YADIS URL from an arbirary resource.

Of course, one should probably question my use of the word "natural," as
it could be argued that nothing about the Internet is at all natural. I
guess I mean in the sense of "intuitive" more than anything.

- --Chris

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