Proposal to Amend "Towards making some decisions"

Benjamin Yu benjaminlyu at
Tue Nov 22 09:26:57 PST 2005

I had a brief email exchange with Johannes about his proposal. He suggested
that I submit my proposed amendment to the entire list:

1. Let draft proposals be submitted for consideration. (Part of original
2. Let individuals in the community provide feedback on the submitted
proposals, by a given date. (The Amendment)
3. Then finally go through the face-to-face meeting,  
which will result in a decision. (Part of original email).

I am proposing to add step 2. I think it would provide a pro/cons list for
consideration (and discussion) during the face-to-face meeting, and would also
provide a gauge of what the community feels about the draft proposals.

This would be an opportunity for those not in attendance to be heard, while
avoiding any problems (overhead) in establishing a bureaucratic voting

The time period for feedback on the drafts would be the Monday to the day of
the meeting (Thursday dec 1, if I am not mistaken).



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