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Ernst Johannes at
Tue Nov 22 12:43:40 PST 2005

Let's say I'm a substantial wikipedia contributor and have a  
wikipedia-hosted home page called 
User:Jernst (if you go there, you'll see I'm neither ... this is just  
an example).

I also have a YADIS-enabled URL, e.g. from my LiveJournal blog, or  
hosted by or whatever.

I'd like to "point" from my Wikipedia page to my YADIS URL using  
indirection/delegation as we have been discussing it on this list.

Can I?

It appears that Joaquin's idea of putting magic markers into HTML  
BODY would make this possible -- but, given that this is a wiki,  
somebody stealing my identity would be a very trivial exercise.

On the other hand, most wiki software is progressing towards the  
ability of locking individual pages. But in my scenario, even if I  
managed to lock my wikipedia page (let's assume some wiki allows me  
to do that), I can't really add the pointer to my YADIS URL because  
-- as Mart pointed out -- I can't modify HTML HEAD.

How could we provide a solution to this use case?

Would the easiest be:
  - to recommend external authentication for the wiki as we allow it  
already with the wiki
  - to modify the wiki software to allow "all of this" (details left  
as an exercise for the reader because the writer -- me -- hasn't  
thought them through)
  - to modify the wiki account management subsystem to allow the user  
to specify a URL to where his capability data is stored, which then  
can be automatically inserted in a response by the wiki software  
whenever a User:xxx page is hit, using the additional HTTP header  
field that I suggested, or any other method?

Other ideas?

Johannes Ernst
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