Redirect on YADIS ID de-reference?

Michael Graves groupmg at
Wed Nov 23 22:28:01 PST 2005

Drummond Reed <drummond.reed <at>> writes:

> FWIW, 3XX redirects are allowed in XRI resolution, which is all HTTP based.
> The TC discussed this at some length about a year ago, and the conclusion
> was that since the authority for the original URL controls the redirect, the
> redirect URL is effectively a "synonym" for the original URL.
> And it gives authorities greater flexibility in physical configuration.
> =Drummond 


Thinking about, I agree with you. I think in practice there will be a limit to
the number of redirects a consumer would allow itself to follow in order to
protect itself from goose-chases (a crawler I worked on maxed out at 4), but
generally, I think your assertion connecting the authority for the URL to the
authority of the server is correct. 


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