dumb clients a risk?

Zefiro work at zefiro.de
Wed Oct 5 18:44:58 PDT 2005

Hi, Dan

> Hmm, what was the problem?   I assume you are referring to the sampleserver.php?
Indeed I am. I wanted to try it out for myself, perhaps being able to falsify my assumptions or being able to provide a exploit
code. Actually it was at the end of my available timeframe for OpenID so I didn't dig really deep into it. I tried the
httpconsumer.php with the url of the sampleserver.php, with the results I mailed you in the other mail. After this didn't work
out of the box I gave up for the time being :)

Actually I think I was not even able to login with my lj-backed zefiro.de identity on the local version of my diary, only on the
online variant. Didn't find out why, though. Might also have been lj being picky about private IPs, might have been some kind of
other problem. I'll check this when I'm finished with my diploma thesis, next month probably. Before going on job search :)


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