Announcing "Social Networking Unlimited"

Dan Libby danda at
Thu Oct 13 18:21:29 PDT 2005

Hi all,

I've become interested in exploring the possibilities that OpenID
enables.  One area that I see as being ripe for improvement is that of
Social Networking.  I would love to see all these island networks start
to join together and I think OpenID could be a key enabler.

To that end, I've added an experimental relationship module to  I call it "Social Networking Unlimited" because one can
add (claim) relationships to any URL on the web (almost -- query strings
not supported at this time).  The trick is that in order for a person to
reciprocate the relationship, they must login to via
OpenID using the target URL as their identity.

The relationships are displayed on profile pages and are
also machine readable via FOAF and XFN, for potential export to other
sites or apps.

I invite everyone to try it out, and please let me know of any problems,
suggestions, etc.  It's still a bit rough for public consumption, but
should be straight-forward enough for folks on this list.

Info here:

ps, I may not have announced it previously on this list, but the
mediawiki installation at the above URL supports OpenID logins, and the
patch is also linked to from the main page if anyone would like to give
it a try.

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