Announcing YADIS...again

Kurt Raschke kurt at
Fri Oct 28 20:00:23 PDT 2005

On Oct 28, 2005, at 10:50 PM, Brad Fitzpatrick wrote:

> Whoa, whoa, confusion, everybody....
> YADIS is not an identity/auth protocol at all.  It's just a capability
> discovery protocol.  In practice it'll say "I only do OpenID" or "I do
> LID" or "I do OpenID and Sxip" or "I do LID and Foo."

Okay.  Thanks for clearing this up.  That causes this to make a fair  
bit more sense.

> It's a hacky solution until more work is done in the identity  
> space, but a
> very needed one.  The idea of YADIS was incredibly well received by  
> nearly
> everybody at the 2005 Internet Identity Workshop this week.  We may  
> end up
> using XRI's XRID stuff for capability payloads (which are pretty much
> identical to the mock example YADIS ones), but /something/ will  
> happen.
> While all the identity players are trying to figure this stuff out, we
> need to at least announce what rules we're playing by.
> As far as OpenID and LID go, that's entirely outside YADIS, but  
> version
> 2.0 of either OpenID or LID (or what their new name together is) will
> require something like YADIS to exist for consumers (aka "relying  
> parties,
> membersites") to cope well.
> More than likely OpenID and LID will merge but will have a bunch of
> optional components.  In the bare most minimal state, supporting no
> capabilities except OpenID auth, it'll be exactly OpenID 1.0 as it is
> today.

Great.  This is exactly what I was looking for--some way to preserve  
the simplicity of OpenID as it stands today for those applications  
that don't need anything more than that.

> As for Six Apart sprinkling buzzwords to sell identity solutions or
> whatever that rubbish I heard was:  false.  Six Apart didn't write  
> that
> document... NetMesh (Johannes of LID) did.  So blame him.  :-)

Okay.  My apologies for having made that statement in the first  
place.  The initial announcement to the list came from,  
and the conspiracy theorist in me took it from there.  Again, my  
apologies.  I look forward to seeing the future of YADIS.

Thanks for clearing things up.


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