Announcing YADIS...again

Zefiro work at
Sat Oct 29 15:58:19 PDT 2005

Hi, Brad...

I have read the YADIS document, but have to confess I noticed the marketing phrases, but didn't dig deep enough into it to
actually understand what it is about.

Could you please give me (and perhaps others as well) a simple, non-marketing, technical short description of what YADIS does
and why it is needed? Thanks.

> More than likely OpenID and LID will merge
This doesn't sound good. Together with some other comments here it sounds like 'the new thing will be LID with an additional
OpenID identity type'. I haven't looked at LID, but it sounds more complicated than OpenID is - and wasn't it exactly the
absolute simplicity that was so thrilling about OpenID in the first place? And the 'everyone can be consumer, server or user'
and everyone is equal here.

> but will have a bunch of optional components.  In the bare most minimal state, supporting no
> capabilities except OpenID auth, it'll be exactly OpenID 1.0 as it is today.
Ok, please reassure me that I can in future use my simple '' OpenID, with an own or delegated (e.g. LJ) OpenID server
to login to most forums, guestbooks, etc. when they adopt what we develop here - without facing exclusion because my OpenID is
not worth enough, because my identity-server doesn't support this or that capability which is then required.
I'm not sure if I got this right here, but I'm a bit frightened. If this means 'your identity server has to provide bank account
information, has to provide public-key-encryption-strength proof about who you are, has to provide user information with
arbitrary data like real name, birthday, nickname, second nickname, foobar (this vcard stuff etc)' which might be usefull in
some certain circumstances, but are not usually needed - then this would mean having a very splittered world, in which I might
see an OpenID-logo and don't know if my version of OpenID is capable enough of logging in or if I'm incompatible with it.

Surreal? I'm not sure. I just hope I'm not right and it's simply because I didn't understand really what you wanted to do.

PS: this whole list is named 'yadis' - what did it stand for originally?


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