Implementing YADIS with no new software

Drummond Reed drummond.reed at
Mon Oct 31 13:54:07 PST 2005

[See for

>Chris wrote: 
>Would it be an accepted practice under XRI, then, to provide an XSL from
>RDF to XRI? Something along the lines of
><?xml-stylesheet href="" type="text/xsl" alternate="yes" rel="xri"?>
>That way, I could maintain a single RDF doc for all my metadata,
>including FOAF, DC and CC. While it may be heavyweight, I am attempting
>to do more with my sites than SSO. Specifying copyright licenses, DC
>metadata, etc. is also important, and many of these /require/ RDF, so I
>might as well just tack more stuff on.
>- --Chris

Yes, aside from the caveat about the XSL issues others have brought up, the
whole idea of being able to maintain one metadata repository and
important/export different formats makes loads of sense to me. In fact
another OASIS Technical Committee is developing an XML metadata format based
on XRIs called XDI (XRI Data Interchange - While XDI is conceptually similar to RDF,
and XDI documents are designed to be programmatically convertible into RDF
docs, XDI simplifies the whole complex issue of extensible, distributed
metadata by just using XRIs to identify everything. So an XDI document is
essentially "name/value pairs on steroids".

XDI is still young -- I'm cc'ing Andy Dale of ooTao, who's blog "The Tao of
XDI" is devoted to the subject ( and who is
developing several XDI-based applications, in case he wants to explain
further (Andy, get on this list!)


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