New PHP OpenID Client/Server Implementation

Dan Libby danda at
Tue Sep 6 06:36:34 PDT 2005

Hi all,

I'm new to this list ( except for some lurking ), and I come bearing gifts.

Specifically, I have ported the Python OpenID library and example
classes to PHP.  They aren't heavily tested yet, but they seem to
interoperate okay with the Python client/server.  I have targetted PHP
>= 4.1.0, but all development was done using 5.0, so I'd be curious to
hear from users of 4.x if there are any problems.

The library is available for download here:

I'll be travelling for next couple days but will have more time for
testing with other servers, eg LiveJournal after that.  Has anyone setup
any sort of interoperability test suite?


Dan Libby

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