PHP-OpenID- released

Dan Libby danda at
Wed Sep 7 05:06:40 PDT 2005

Or, direct download:


2005-09-07 08:44  danda

        * openid/httpclient.php: add a comment about validating urls before

2005-09-07 08:39  danda

        * openid/consumer.php: normalize url better, per spec and feedback

2005-09-07 07:55  danda

        * examples/simple.php, openid/httpclient.php: from Martin Atkins
          mart at

          Attached is a small patch containing the changes I had to make
          firstly to get it to run properly on my server here and to work
          with LiveJournal. It also features some more general fixes. In
          particular: * no SCRIPT_URI was being set on my server, so I
          added a best-guess fallback * you were sending the full URL in
          the HTTP request line rather than just the path component, which
          upset LiveJournal's mod_perl code.  (Apache by default simply
          disregards the scheme and host part, but LiveJournal replaces the
          component that would normally do that and doesn't handle that
          case) * the return_url check was failing where there's no port
          number component in the URL.

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