openid.consumer tag

Martin Atkins mart at
Wed Sep 14 14:04:20 PDT 2005

Lukas Leander Rosenstock wrote:
> At first glance a great idea. However, why should someone download a
> plugin just to enter his/her identity URL? The login process itself, as
> it is done on a website from the server (and can be anything from
> silent, a <form> to HTTP auth.) so as long as this is not standardized
> it won't save to much time. Browser integration, hmm, if browsers don't
> even understand all these nice links like "glossary", "help", "next"
> etc. from HTML 2.0 why should they do it with openid.consumer? Okay,
> Firefox displays an RSS icon, so when OpenID has become as popular as
> RSS it might happen, yes. Proposing such a tag as you've given here is
> okay, but it is not all for it, one point I'm thinking about is what the
> user agent should send as return_url, the current webpage or something
> else (e.g. the webpage with parameters)? Just think about it again.

The return_url won't come into play. The hypothetical browser plugin
would just replace the request that would have been caused by submitting
the form; the consumer will then redirect the browser off as normal,
including the return_url in the query string.

If it's going to require a standard protocol to talk to the consumer
anyway, it could feature an optional request field for "URL the user was
at when he clicked the login button" so that clever sites could then
arrange to send the user back to the right page after all of the OpenID
redirecting madness.

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