PHP-OpenID- released

Dan Libby danda at
Thu Sep 15 14:14:40 PDT 2005

So I finally managed to get PHP4 and PHP5 simultaneously installed on
gentoo and have now tested with PHP 4.4.0 ( and without mhash, curl,
tidy, or gmp installed ).   I found and fixed a few bugs along the way. 
This version *should* be smoother for those using PHP4 or without the
above-mentioned extensions.  So kick the tires and let me know if it
works for you. I'm especially interested to hear reports of whether it
works or not on PHP < 4.4.0.


Dan Libby


2005-09-15 18:05  danda

    * openid/oid_util.php: BUGfix: _hmacsha1 was incorrectly hex
      encoding return value. BUGfix: _base_convert called with wrong
      args. BUGfix: _base_convert() was returning empty string

2005-09-15 18:02  danda

    * openid/httpclient.php: Send port with host

2005-09-15 18:01  danda

    * examples/sampleserver.php: php4 compat: deal with fact that mkdir
      in php4 does not support recursive option

2005-09-15 18:01  danda

    * examples/httpconsumer.php: php4 compat: add file_get_contents()
      and file_put_contents(). BUG: fix retrieval of consumer secret.
      php4 compat: use best available httpclient. minor fix: home link
      returns to self instead of /

2005-09-15 11:57  danda

    * examples/httpconsumer.php: fix another file_put_contents()

2005-09-15 00:18  danda

    * examples/httpconsumer.php: removed file_put_contents() call,
      which is PHP5 specific.  Reported by Jason Levine

2005-09-13 20:11  danda

    * openid/trustroot.php: not handling TLD's < 3 chars in length
      correctly.  Reported by Christian Stocker

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