LJ munging OpenID comments?

Kurt Raschke kurt at raschke.net
Mon Sep 19 20:29:42 PDT 2005

I just posted an OpenID-authenticated comment on LiveJournal, and I  
found that my links were "altered" (and I'm being charitable here)  
such that the link text was listed in bold, with the original link  
destination following in parentheses.  Is that standard practice on  
LJ now?  Why not just use rel="nofollow"?  And furthermore, should  
OpenID-authenticated comments even be treated this way?

Oh, and by the way, would it have hurt to have demonstrated that  
munging in the comment preview, so that I could have known in advance  
that my content was going to be altered?

The main reason I use OpenID with LJ is so that I don't have to get  
another account, and remember another username, just so that I'm not  
"anonymous" and treated as such by the site.  But if LJ is going to  
treat OpenID-authenticated users the same as anonymous users, then  
what's the point?

I know this is more of an issue of LJ policy than OpenID per se, but  
I'm not sure of a more appropriate place to post it.


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