LJ munging OpenID comments?

Zefiro work at zefiro.de
Tue Sep 20 10:07:04 PDT 2005

> On 9/19/05, Kurt Raschke <kurt at raschke.net> wrote:
> OpenID users really are basically the same as anonymous users.
We discussed this already and it is NOT.

Please DO see the difference between 'not anonymous' and 'not spam'.

It's completely ok if LJ chooses to handle other identification methods differetly than their own users (who are bound to their
terms, they have some date, captcha, etc). But it is not ok to keep insisting that OpenID users are anonymous users. Repeating
the sentence about trust doesn't change anything, as this OpenID != anonymous does say nothing about trust, and the spec
explicitely stating that it says nothing about trust does not confirm in any way that OpenID is anonymous. After all, this is
the whole (and only) point in OpenID.

Besides, since I'm not on the lj_dev list, one short question to Brad: when I preview a comment with spell check enabled (as
normal user), the html tags are escaped, so my formatting isn't visible. Is this on purpose?


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