Current OpenID demo/test page?

Brad Fitzpatrick brad at
Tue Sep 20 19:37:12 PDT 2005

Oh shit, I didn't realize I'd let the consumer page go stale/broken.

It's fixed now.  (though it doesn't address your concern of having a
consumer that shows a ton of debugging....)

- Brad

On Tue, 20 Sep 2005, Jason Levine wrote:

> Is there a site that provides the consumer side of a current OpenID test,
> preferably with as much debugging info as possible?
> (I've seen the Danga test site at
> -- but it looks like that
> either isn't current with the spec, or has some other issue... it returns
> the "naive_verify_failed_return" error even when testing it against
> LiveJournal OpenID logins.)
> I've started playing around with various incarnations of installable
> OpenID servers, with the hope to eventually be able to provide OpenID
> services to a few users I host, and am looking for good debugging
> resources.
> Thanks!
> -----
> Jason Levine

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