Anas M. Nebuchadnezzar XXXVII Duck at
Thu Sep 29 18:43:09 PDT 2005

Would you mind either modifying your favicon, or at the very least 
provide us with an alternate one that we can use to identify you. I am 
currently parsing the identities of known OpenId servers that expose the 
username in the url. I display the short username with the favicon of 
the site, but link to the full url. For instance: would become 
[lj-favicon]duck1123 and would be 
[myopenid-favicon]duck1123. It would be helpfull to be able to 
differentiate between users of your site, and unknown domains. (domains 
that do not match my array of regexes)

As a side note, I'll be switching my delegation to your servers so I can 
post to openid-enabled sites without logging my girlfriend out og LJ.

Daniel E. Renfer (

Brian Ellin wrote:

>OpenID friends,
>Announcing the launch of, a free and hosted OpenID server!
>
>Brian Ellin
>brian at

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