Proposal for an XRI (i-name) profile for OpenID

Lukas Rosenstock inbox at
Sun Apr 2 20:13:11 UTC 2006

As far as I can see the OpenID specification is correct. There is not much  
change except the usage of a different terminology (Principal/SP/IDA).
However, as you've only changed step 2 this should be described in more  

> 2. SP uses XRI Resolution to discover the Principal's authentication  
> service URL. If more than one authentication service URL is sent in the  
> resolution response, the first one in priority order (as defined by XRI  
> Resolution 2.0) should be tried first, and if that fails, the SP MAY try  
> the others, in order.

How exactly is this specified? I think it's a <Service>-block in the last  
<XRD>-element with <Type> of as defined by  
Yadis, but this should be added explicitly here.

>      openid.identity
>      ## The XRI from step 1

This is an absolute XRI, right? Like xri://=username.
So the only change for the OpenID server is that not only http: and https:  
but also xri: is a valid URI scheme.

Aside, I think we should make some recommendations how a login site should  
look and work.
I've put some ideas here:

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