Proposal for an XRI (i-name) profile for OpenID

Drummond Reed drummond.reed at
Wed Apr 5 19:58:51 UTC 2006

I'd like to make sure that Martin's question gets answered, but I'm afraid I
don't yet understand the question well enough to help with the answer.

First, Martin, when you say "I've got an XRID that resolves to that
/data/yadis URL", so you mean you have an *XRI* that resolves to that URL?
(XRID was the original name for the XRI resolution document format, which
has now been changed to XRDS).

If so, Lukas is correct, an XRI is resolved to an XRDS document (which from
the Yadis perspective is the Yadis document) which then provides metadata
about the resource identified by the XRI.

So -- I'm guessing here -- is the question, "Can an XRI author create an XRI
that points to an XRDS document that the XRI author does not control?" In
other words, could you as an individual create an XRI that points to
LiveJournal's XRDS document?

In which case the answer is yes, there's an easy way to do that. But before
I go into that, I want to make sure I'm answering the right question.

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Am 04.04.2006, 09:12 Uhr, schrieb Martin Atkins <mart at>:

> So if I've got an XRID that resolves to that /data/yadis URL, I *must*
> do openid:delegate to or it won't work.
> Note that LiveJournal's Yadis output doesn't currently do that.

Openid:delegate should always work, but I still think that it should be
no problem for OpenID servers to accept your XRI as openid.identity.

> (Is it even possible for someone to set up an XRID that points at a
> LiveJournal XRDS document without modifying LiveJournal's XRDS document?)

I'd say no because XRIs don't *point* to an XRDS, XRIs *resolve* to an  
XRDS (usually dynamically), but I'm not sure.

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