OpenID delegate tag in the Yadis/XRDS file

Johannes Ernst at
Sun Apr 9 02:21:09 UTC 2006

Good. The implementations I have seen so far seem to all specify a  
Delegate tag, that's why I am bringing this up.

On Apr 8, 2006, at 13:46, David Recordon wrote:

> I see no reason why it wouldn't be optional just as it currently is in
> the OpenID 1.1 spec.
> --David
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> Subject: OpenID delegate tag in the Yadis/XRDS file
> For the OpenID 1.2 spec, I'd like to propose to clearly mark this tag
> as optional, just like it is optional in the (non-Yadis) OpenID spec.
> The same algorithm would apply in determining which OpenID URL should
> be used at the Relying Party.
> The advantage of that is that a large identity server could, if it
> wanted to, have a single X-XRDS-Location for all of the hosted
> identities, as long as they all support the same services (which is
> somewhat likely for all identities on the single host). This would
> help with caching and efficiency.
> Johannes Ernst
> NetMesh Inc.

Johannes Ernst
NetMesh Inc.

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