OpenID consumer wishlist

David Recordon david at
Mon Apr 10 18:42:32 UTC 2006

We just have this FAQ, though I do agree it would be great to see a Wiki
page (or page on which does address this.  We always
intended to create one, just hasn't happened yet.


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I've just implemented an OpenID consumer for my site.  It wasn't too
bad, but
there are a couple things that I'd like:

- a set of ids that will trip each error condition.  For example: where everything looks good but the returned
doesn't match the requested id.

- a help page oriented towards end users "What is my OpenID?" that lists
the big
OpenID-enabled providers with nice logos and examples and such.
Currently my
login page is pretty bare, I don't feel like writing the help text
myself, and
the main page is pretty "developer-oriented"

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