Questions in case of multipul Types for one Service

Johannes Ernst at
Sat Apr 15 05:17:02 UTC 2006

On Apr 14, 2006, at 21:44, OHTSUKA Ko-hei wrote:

> These days, Yadis service proveiders evolved day by day to implement
> new specification

Which is exactly what we wanted to enable with Yadis ... innovation  
everywhere! This is not a bug, this a feature! ;-) And, compared to  
pretty much all other identity systems, quite unique.

> It is good, but for delegating users, little painful to update
> delegating Yadis document, by surveying our all servers' capability
> manually.
>   'Does MyOpenID implement sreg extension or not?'
>   'How about'
>   'How about LiveJ..'
> Painful.

Hmm... are you working under the assumption that each "server"  
defines what the Yadis Services are at all the URLs it hosts? I don't  
think that if an identity host hosts 2 identities, say
you can draw any conclusion about the content of their Yadis files.

> So, I start to make little tool for automatic update own delegating
> Yadis document, by visiting 'delegated' Yadis URL at periodic  
> intervals.
> If 'delegated' Yadis capabilities are updated, the tool also updates
> local Yadis document.

Why wouldn't you obtain the Yadis documents "on demand", i.e. when  
you are about to try using the identity URL for something like SSO?

> But, I wonder for such case:
> My own Yadis document is:
> <Service priority='0'>
>  <Type></Type>
>  <URI></URI>
> </Service>
> <Service priority='1'>
>  <Type></Type>
>  <URI></URI>
> </Service>
> and, when the tool visit, it found that
> implements new extension Type.
> ;)
> In such case, which service elements (priority 0 or 1) to add
> new type?
> Or, should make new service element? then, use how much priority?

Why don't you point directly to the Yadis document, e.g.

> That is my wondering problem, so ask questions on former mail.

No problem, please do.

Johannes Ernst
NetMesh Inc.

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