Proposal (Was: When are and aren't two URLs the same?)

Johannes Ernst at
Fri Apr 21 20:39:35 UTC 2006

I wouldn't call them "arbitrary" ;-) but here's an attempt to justify:

re step 2:
  - most people don't know the difference between http and https --  
if they know something, it's the lock icon on their browser, and even  
that is an if.
  - if we indeed allowed different identities for http and https URLs  
that are otherwise identical, that's a prime target for phishing
  - it's consistent with many site's practice that the same content  
is shown at URLs that only differ in whether or not transport is  

You are right, there is no strong technical reason why it should be  
so, so you can talk me out of it ;-) but I'd prefer it the way as  

re step 8:
  - example: my blog's URL happens to be  
-- without a trailing slash, because in the implementation, jernst  
happens to be the name of the script that runs. I can't tell you how  
many people "improve" on it when they see it by appending a trailing  
slash because they apparently somehow feel uncomfortable with URLs  
that don't have an extension or slash at the end. I'm bringing this  
up as an example of what many people seem to expect.
  - I am not aware of any URL anywhere where the content shown in the  
browser is different depending on whether not the user entered the  
trailing slash. The protocol-level behavior may be different with  
redirects going on etc., but for the purpose here, users have good  
reasons to consider them equivalent, so that's why I'm proposing to  
formalize this.

On Apr 21, 2006, at 12:27, Jonathan Daugherty wrote:

> # I wrote up a proposal on this.
> #
> #
> Can you explain or justify steps 2 and 8, or are they just arbitrary?
> -- 
>   Jonathan Daugherty
>   JanRain, Inc.

Johannes Ernst
NetMesh Inc.

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