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Fri Apr 21 23:01:26 UTC 2006

This was also intended for the list.

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From: Keith Howe <nezroy at>
Date: Apr 21, 2006 4:29 PM

On 4/21/06, Johannes Ernst < at> wrote:
> Imperative vs. declarative? I'm fine with either ... I decided to use
> the algorithmic form because it appeared to me it was more likely
> that implementors would implement it correctly ...

I think a declarative form is easier to discuss and understand, as it
exposes the fundamental issues being adressed more directly. It is the
form I typically see in RFCs, for instance. Probably just personal
preference. However, I definitely think an equivalent imperative form
should also be provided as an example of correct implementation. Why
have just one when we can have both for only twice the effort?

> Is your declarative proposal [intended to be] semantically equivalent
> to my imperative one?

In so much as 5 minutes of harried typing can be semantically
equivalent to anything :) Also, I did not provide a rule that would
cover #8 in the algorithm. I could not think of a concise way of
defining that, probably because I did not understand the reasoning
behind it.

- K.Howe

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