Verisign is actively testing OpenID

Johannes Ernst at
Sat Apr 22 05:25:40 UTC 2006

Verisign is one the strong supporters of URL-based identity and the  
convergence around a common architecture we've accomplished with Yadis.

For example, Mike Graves (Verisign CTO) and I talked about it on a  
panel at PC Forum. Even Stratton Sclavos, Verisign's CEO, mentioned  
something to that effect in his keynote.

There's a bunch of stuff happening in the background, not sure this  
particular project was supposed to be visible this way, but it's  
interesting, you are right ;-)

On Apr 21, 2006, at 22:04, Jason Salaz wrote:

> On my LiveJournal :P
> It's actually fairly amusing to see.  I wonder why they picked me.
> Anyone seeing any other activity?
> Let me dig up a few links:
> Note that his OID changed from the first comment -> first link, to  
> the rest.
> Just thought I'd point this out, as some parties may find it  
> interesting.
> I mentioned this on ##identity on FreenodeIRC when he first did it
> yesterday, and I'm fairly amused that he's continuing.
> What do you folks think?  I seem to remember seeing a thread a while
> back about Verisign and OpenID a while back, though it may have just
> been commentary on the nature of the design.
> Lastly: Click on his IDs.  It takes you to a rather interesting  
> page...

Johannes Ernst
NetMesh Inc.

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