My Identity 2.0 presentation

Lukas Rosenstock inbox at
Tue Aug 15 15:20:17 UTC 2006

In order to increase the awareness about OpenID and URL-based identity I  
did a presentation on Web Montag (Web Monday, see in  
Frankfurt yesterday.
Web Montag is an open meetup in multiple cities in Germany. The audience  
are bloggers, Web 2.0 entrepreneurs and people interested in technology  
but most had never heard about Identity 2.0. However the feedback to my  
presentation was awesome, some wanted to start using OpenID right now. Of  
course there were also some concerns about OpenID, mostly about privacy  
and whether big companies will join the effort. Hopefully I have attracted  
some OpenID and Yadis supporters.
You can get more information on the Web Montag wiki, I've uploaded my  
presentation slides which are in German of course but there is also a  
summary of the presentation and feedback in English language. Video/audio  
files coming soon.

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