My ApacheCon Asia Presentation

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Thu Aug 17 06:03:40 UTC 2006

I've now put together  Let me know if anything is missing from it.


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I'll put a page together on since I think that makes more sense than one on
I'm not sure if there is a video of it, I know they were taping various parts of the conference.  I'll try and find out.


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Hm, reminds me of the Dick Hardt presentation, would be nice to see how 
you did it. Is there a video recording available?

Anyway, That gave me the idea of creating this page:

There is already a page with current events but I'd like to have another 
page where all (also smaller one, like mine) can be found.
If you don't like your's there just delete it ...

Am 16.08.2006, 07:54 Uhr, schrieb Recordon, David <drecordon at>:

> I've just uploaded the slides for the presentation I gave yesterday
> morning at ApacheCon Asia in Sri Lanka.  The presentation was aimed at
> giving an overview of Identity 2.0, how it has evolved in the past year,
> and then a brief introduction to OpenID and Heraldry.
> --David

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