[ANN] Ruby OpenID 1.1.1 and Ruby Yadis 0.3.3

Tony bascule at gmail.com
Mon Aug 21 21:10:59 UTC 2006

Do you know if anyone is working on Rails integration of these gems with
something like UserEngine/LoginEngine?  It would be great if you could have
OpenID/Yadis support on a Rails application practically out of the box.

Tony Arcieri

On 8/20/06, Brian Ellin <brian at janrain.com> wrote:
> The ruby OpenID library version 1.1.1 is now available, with support
> for verifying inames.  This release also contains several small
> bugfixes.
> Both libraries are available for download on openidenabled.com:
> http://www.openidenabled.com/openid/libraries/ruby
> http://www.openidenabled.com/yadis/libraries/ruby
> Or via rubygems
> sudo gem (install|update) ruby-yadis ruby-openid
> Enjoy,
> Brian Ellin
> JanRain, Inc.
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