Joaquin Miller joaquin at netmesh.us
Wed Feb 1 22:46:23 UTC 2006

Fellow workers:

The YADIS draft Specification 0.9 is at:


That has bookmarks, for ease of navigation.

There is also an Open Office copy:


This release is for implementers.
Please go at it, and let us know about what is:

    not implementable
    a design flaw threatening interoperability
    not well written
    silly, stupid, or ignrunt.

When you find problems, please make a specific change proposal (or several).

Later today, I'll fix up the wiki.  A protocol for change proposals 
is already there at:


If you don't like using the wiki, please send your
concrete change proposals
   to the list, if they are substantive
   or to me if they are about editorial errors.

Cordially, your editor,

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