Yadis Spec .9 Change Proposal: Sect 6.2.6

Joaquin Miller joaquin at netmesh.us
Tue Feb 7 00:02:12 UTC 2006

Larry Drebes wrote:
>Section 6.2.6 contemplates the case where a X-YADIS-Location header 
>exists and a HTML <meta> tag also exist.
>We feel strongly that the header if present should always be used, 
>regardless if there is a <meta> and/or the <meta> value differs.
>This approach makes the behavior when processing the results of both 
>HEAD and GET requests consistent. If a GET request prioritized the 
><meta> tag, it would be prioritizing information not available to 
>HEAD requests. It seems highly desireable to make the two as 
>consistent as possible, which means prioritizing the HTTP response header.

Thanks, Larry.  I like this argument.  Does anyone have a good 
argument for either of the other two alternatives (priority to the 
meta element or don't care)?


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