Change Proposal 005

Martin Atkins mart at
Thu Feb 9 08:38:35 UTC 2006

Johannes Ernst wrote:
> On Feb 8, 2006, at 0:16, Martin Atkins wrote:
>> I see this here:
>>     <>
>> which says it's NOT YET an Internet draft. However, I'm pretty sure
>> browsers have been implementing it already. I saw it on the changelog
>> for Opera 9, for example.
> This proposal was made in 1999 and went nowhere. I'd say it is no
> longer relevant.

I asserted originally that I'd seen it on the changelog for Opera 9. I
went back and checked, and there it is under the "HTTP" heading:

I assume they're supporting it for linking to stylesheets.

Mozilla seems to support or have supported the header for use in its
"link prefetching" thing, too:

Some quick searching about also suggests that Mozilla supports it for
referencing stylesheets too, though I've not had time to test that.

With two browsers supporting it, I don't think it can really be
considered "irrelevant". See also my reply to Lukas Leander Rosenstock.

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