Change Proposal 005

Martin Atkins mart at
Thu Feb 9 18:06:06 UTC 2006

Johannes Ernst wrote:
> On Feb 9, 2006, at 0:38, Martin Atkins wrote:
>>>> I see this here:
>>>>     <>
> ...
>> With two browsers supporting it, I don't think it can really be
>> considered "irrelevant". See also my reply to Lukas Leander  Rosenstock.
> Can you point me to sites actually using it?

I think that's largely irrelevant. If YADIS specifies that it can be
used, then sites will use it because that's what the YADIS spec says to
use. (or, alternatively, they will embed in HTML if setting HTTP headers
is inconvenient or impossible.)

Mainly my point is that it seems silly to invent a new header when
there's a perfectly good one there already — as a de-facto standard, at
least — which, as a nice bonus, is also consistant with the way we are
referencing YADIS documents within HTML documents.

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