Change Proposal 005

Johannes Ernst at
Thu Feb 9 18:59:29 UTC 2006

> Mainly my point is that it seems silly to invent a new header when
> there's a perfectly good one there already — as a de-facto  
> standard, at
> least — which, as a nice bonus, is also consistant with the way we are
> referencing YADIS documents within HTML documents.

We are currently referencing YADIS documents from HTML with the <meta  
http-equiv tag as far as I know ... and so it is perfectly consistent.

If we used a general-purpose header like you suggest additional  
dispatching logic is required by implementors to figure out which one  
is the YADIS content referenced from the header. While not  
impossible, of course, is that needed? (while we could use the HTTP  
header name that other people use, we still would have to indicate in  
the argument of the value that this is YADIS/XRDS/... rather than,  
say, CSS or something like it -- which requires us to come up with a  
new term that's no different, in my view, than creating an X-YADIS- 
Location or X-XRDS-Location.

Also, I'd like to remind everybody that currently the only changes we  
still want to make to the YADIS spec are those changes *required*  
because implementors realized, during implementation, that the 0.9  
spec is incomplete or incorrect or ambiguous. Otherwise we'll never  
get a spec out ...

Some of Larry's recent messages definitely fall in this category. I  
would not consider this change request to be in that category.

Johannes Ernst
NetMesh Inc.

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