Releasing the Specification (was Re: Change Proposal 005)

Josh Hoyt josh at
Thu Feb 9 19:36:07 UTC 2006

On 2/9/06, Johannes Ernst < at> wrote:
> Also, I'd like to remind everybody that currently the only changes we
> still want to make to the YADIS spec are those changes *required*
> because implementors realized, during implementation, that the 0.9
> spec is incomplete or incorrect or ambiguous. Otherwise we'll never
> get a spec out ...

I think that it's a mistake to try to put out a spec when there are
clear improvements that can be made. Once all of the clear
improvements have been made, we can release 1.0. I don't think that
anyone who is going to implement YADIS is being slowed down, because
the protocol is stable, even if the specification is not complete. The
*protocol* has not changed significantly (has it changed at all?)
since the YADIS meeting at Six Apart.

I believe that the specification will be much better received if we
take the time to fix the problems that it has than if we release it
early. I expect that it will become clear when the spec is finished.
Once 1.0 is released, I hope that it will not have to change for a
long time (even to fix wording).


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