Yadis Spec .9 Change Proposal: Section 7.3.1 clarify multiple XRD

Johannes Ernst jernst+lists.danga.com at netmesh.us
Thu Feb 9 19:39:07 UTC 2006

On Feb 9, 2006, at 11:28, Drummond Reed wrote:
> I'm actually sitting right next to Johannes at a conference today  
> and was
> able to clarify this with him as well.

And I appreciate it!

I had misunderstood what it means if multiple XRD elements are in the  
same XRDS element. The key insight is that they form a sequence, not  
a set! And for YADIS purposes, we need the last element of the  
sequence. (I had assumed it was a set, so I didn't get why it had to  
be the last element)

P.S. The conference we are at is quite interesting. Put on by  
Harvard's Berkman Center in their Law School (Larry Lessig worked  
there, lots of really good people work there) and invitation-only,  
they are trying to explore the intersection of these new  
technologies, society, politics and commerce.

I'm blogging about it here:

Johannes Ernst
NetMesh Inc.

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