OpenID Testing Tools

Kevin Turner kevin at
Sat Feb 11 01:32:22 UTC 2006

Dear fellow OpenID Users and Developers,

We've put up a few testing tools at OpenID Enabled to help you make sure
that your OpenID software is in working order.  If you're a user who's
just got a new OpenID, or just set up a new page to delegate to your
OpenID server, and you want to know if it's online and working, you can
use OpenID Checkup[1].  If you're looking for a more rigorous test of
how well your OpenID server variety of operations, try our OpenID Server

Hopefully you'll all get green bars and success messages as a result.
But if by some chance you don't, and the error message doesn't give you
enough information to figure out quite what's gone wrong, let me know.
Even with a protocol as simple as OpenID there are lots of places where
things *could* break, and I haven't written error reporters for all the
cases yet.  But I do want this to help you get your applications online
and bug-free with a minimum of frustration, so I can add more detail if
you tell me where it would be most helpful.

You can find these tools, and any others we come up with, linked from

Later this month I hope to add an OpenID Consumer tester to that list,
so stay tuned.

 - Kevin,
   OpenID Enabled


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