OpenID, YADIS and Directed Identity

Martin Atkins mart at
Sun Feb 12 18:24:45 UTC 2006

Michael Graves wrote:
> What would be need to support this? The only change that I can think of would 
> be that the relying party would not require the "input" login URL to be the 
> same as the "output" login URL. If I can start by entering "", then 
> choose one of a number of personae that I control, including a one-time persona 
> that I made up on the fly just for this login, as long as the OpenID (or insert 
> your favorite protocol here) consumer evaluates the *output* URL I think it all 
> works out. As it is, OpenID is expecting (cryptographically) a match on the 
> input URL.

So I enter my identity URL as and my identity server
tells the relying party "The remote user is".
What have I gained here? They know I originally entered, so they can tell that the two correlate.

I'm obviously missing something.

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