IETF 65 BOF Announcement: Digital Identity Exchange (DIX)

Dick Hardt dick at
Tue Feb 14 12:02:48 UTC 2006

The following BOF has been approved for the next IETF meeting in  
Dallas, March 19-24.

If someone wanted to present YADIS at the meeting, they would be more  
then welcome.

-- Dick


Name of the BOF

Digital Identity Exchange (DIX)




Lisa Dusseault <lisa at>
John Merrells <merrells at>

Sponsoring Area Directors:

Scott Hollenbeck <shollenbeck at>
Ted Hardie <hardie at>

BOF Description


1. To consider the creation of a new IETF working group within the  
Applications Area  titled "Digital Identity Exchange".  The proposed  
charter for such a working group is referenced below.

2. To discuss and hone the scope of a DIX working group.

3. To discuss the architectural requirements that derive from the  
laws of identity identified by ‘The Identity Gang’ at ‘The Berkman  
Center for Internet & Society, Harvard Law School’. Referenced below.

4. To discuss existing architectural implementations within the  
context of these requirements. An individual submission Internet  
Draft that describes one such implementation is referenced below,  
named ‘draft-merrells-dix-00.txt’

5. To determine if there is enough interest and commitment to form a  
Working Group and if so to then discuss what the specific goals and  
milestones of that working group would be.

BOF Agenda

Introduction and Agenda Discussion (5 min)
Scope Discussion (10 min)
Identity Laws and Architectural Requirements (10 min)
Existing Architecture Presentations (30 min)
Call for Participation (5 min)
Deliverables Discussion (15 min )
Open Discussion (any remaining time)


Charter Draft:
DIX Protocol ID: 
DIX Protocol ID:
Identity Laws: 

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