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Dick Hardt dick at
Sat Feb 18 03:24:15 UTC 2006

On 17-Feb-06, at 9:57 AM, Dag Arneson wrote:

>>>   * With YADIS, you don't have to wait for further convergence.
>>>     Implement now.  Should be forward-compatible with future specs.
>> I would disagree with this.
>> I think there is some convergence on this list of people that see  
>> the  same part of the elephant, but there are lots of other parts  
>> of the  elephant IMO that are incompatible with directions here in  
> I thought your concerns were mainly to do with the YADIS protocol  
> itself, not with the scope of what we are trying to do.  What are  
> we missing, and what's wrong with finding a niche on the elephant's  
> trunk and leaving the rest of the elephant for some other time?

Great goal to solve part of a problem. It is critical though to have  
a big picture view or you end up trying to attach a garden hose to  
the front of an elephant.

OpenID, LID and XRI are all "Pull" oriented architectures. In my  
discussions, I have not felt there was interest in learning the  
issues of a "Push" oriented architecture.

I'll spend some time reviewing the latest docs again and provide more  
specific feedback if people are interested.

-- Dick

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