Simplifying OpenId

Ask Bjørn Hansen ask at
Tue Jan 10 12:31:58 UTC 2006

On Jan 9, 2006, at 8:20 PM, S. Alexander Jacobson wrote:

> Then you must not be able to use a lot of web sites that require an  
> email address e.g. craigslist or the nytimes.  Many actually send  
> the user a confirmation email and require that the user click on  
> the enclosed link in order to approve an account.  Users who don't  
> like exposing their real email address use throwaway email account  
> to cover this problem.  All I am trying to do is lower the  
> transaction cost of these existing workflows.

You can build that on top of OpenID.

Your identity page can advertise one or more services that have  
verified your email address.  If the OpenID consumer trusts one of  
them it can initiate a request to get your email address from there  
(which that service will ask you to approve).

  - ask


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