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In LID, we chose to elegantly (?) sidestep this issue:
  - the data sharing features in LID are independent of the XML  
document type(s) that may be underneath
  - for common data elements, we picked other people's definitions  
(instead of inventing our own).

For example, for VCard-type information, not surprisingly, we use the  
XML VCard document type that has been floating around for years.

You can very easily plug in your own document type, for whatever  
information you'd like to share. And there is no problem with LID  
sharing the same information through different document types (e.g.  
because you prefer your own VCard format)

All information access can be filtered by data-element-level ACLs, so  
only those people who should get the respective elements.

Re YADIS, each LID "profile" is being mapped into a YADIS  
capability / service, so a LID/YADIS URL advertises which document  
types it supports.


On Jan 22, 2006, at 22:19, S. Alexander Jacobson wrote:

> Ok, if it is a YADIS service then we need some common way to refer  
> to field sets.
> For example, does credit card data include billing address?
> Is age or birthdate or both specified?
> Is there a way to refer to (gender,age,zip) for various ad  
> targeting applications?
> How is last4 of social identified?
> How are "whereabouts" specified?
> -Alex-
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> On Fri, 20 Jan 2006, Joaquin Miller wrote:
>>> What is the thinking here around standardizing sets of data to be  
>>> collected by the consumer site?
>>> Does it ask for specific fields e.g. addr1, addr2, city, state,  
>>> zip or does it just ask for an address?
>>> Or does it ask for a vcard URL?
>>> LID seems to have "profiles" but I am not sure I am understanding  
>>> them correctly.
>> What LID has today is, for example, the capability to store some  
>> vCard elements and to return some of those in XML or classic vCard  
>> format.  Which are returned depends on what is requested and what  
>> the person is willing to provide to the particular requester.
>> By 'profile' we just mean data about self that can be provided  
>> selectively in some structured format.
>> Example: provide credit card data to eCommerce sites, but not  
>> friends, whereabouts to friends, but not acquaintences, ...
>> So, in LID, ask for specific fields (vCard provides both the  
>> complete formatted address and the individual fields).  But,  
>> perhaps in some other service, ask for the URL to make vCard queries.
>> Providing data in this way is a YADIS service.  So the YADIS spec  
>> just enables providing the identifier of the particular service in  
>> a YADIS Resource Descriptor.
>> Cordially, Joaquin
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