Precedence of YADIS information sources

Martin Atkins mart at
Mon Jan 23 08:27:02 UTC 2006

Johannes Ernst wrote:
> Argument B: The user runs their identity URL at a service provider  who
> has automatically switched on the X-YADIS-Location header for all  their
> users. But our user does not like the YADIS information that  the
> service provider serves; they want something else. Therefore,  they use
> the http-equiv mechanism, hoping to override the X-YADIS- Location HTTP
> header. Therefore, the X-YADIS-Location header is only  used when no
> other YADIS information is present.

As long as relying parties are permitted to do the HEAD request
optimization (which, as I've noted before, I think is pretty pointless)
the HTTP header MUST take priority, since it is all that some clients
will see.

If you want the document to override the header, the HEAD optimization
has to go.

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