now supports using YADIS to discovery OpenID

Carl Howells chowells at
Fri Jan 27 21:29:39 UTC 2006 <> now supports using YADIS to 
discover OpenID.  Entering a YADIS URL into the name portion of the 
login sidebar or into the Identity URL portion of the login page will 
initiate YADIS.  If any OpenID service is found, it will be used for 
logging in.  If it wasn't a YADIS URL, it will fall back to normal OpenID.'s use of the YADIS protocol is built on top of the JanRain 
YADIS library, located at 
<>.  A YADIS reference for 
those implementing the protocol is also provided, at 
<>. supports having multiple different different OpenID services 
declared, and will fall back to lower-priority ones if the high-priority 
ones fail to work.

Everybody give it a try.  Any feedback would be appreciated.

Carl Howells
JanRain, Inc.

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