Using OpenID for Smart Clients or Desktop Applications (C#)

Thomas Broyer t.broyer at
Sun Jul 2 10:51:58 UTC 2006

2006/7/1, Timothy Parez <timothyparez at>:
> I've used the C# library to enable OpenID for an ASP.NET site.
> But using OpenID would be so usefull for use within a smart client
> application or even a desktop application.
> Has anybody done this, any suggestions on how I could do this ?
> I'm willing to put some time in it.

See also:

I tried it with some python server code and a Firefox extension and it
seemed to just work. I must have kept it somewhere on my drive if you
want to have a look at it.

One thing you *can't* do is to just extract the Location header from a
3xx response, you have to GET that URL to check that it returns a 200
response (if it's a 3xx, then continue following redirects); except of
course when that URL is the one you sent as the openid.return_to.

In brief: it's not "that" easy, as OpenID hasn't been designed for
this (that's why I'm also looking at DIX), but it's feasible...

Thomas Broyer

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