OpenID-style Group Proposal

Lukas Rosenstock inbox at
Sun Jul 30 19:31:33 UTC 2006

Hm, good idea!

> The GroupID concept would be that a site supporting OpenID could extend
> it by publishing a URL as a GroupID url.  So, they could publish a URL
> (e.g. http;// ) which they say "we will
> verify your assertion that your OpenID is a member of the group
> identified at that URL".

I'd suggest using that the GroupID in fact is an RDF file with FOAF  
elements because there a data format for describing a group of people  
already exists.
Your scenario would work: After

> What would happen under the hood would be a handshake very similar to
> the OpenID handshake.  A normal OpenID handshake would happen first
> against  Then, the assertion would be checked against
> the GroupID.  The GroupID server would also be an OpenID consumer,
> authenticating before validating the assertion that
> user is a member of
> .  An OpenID handshake between
> the consumers would probably be necessary.

Simply load the RDF from the group file URL, check if there's a  
foaf:homepage tag with rdf:resource pointing to the user ID.
Cool thing about this: Even users with limited web server possibilities  
(e.g. only static pages) can describe groups which can be used for  
multiple purposes where your concept is only one of many.


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