Friday OpenID and Apache Project Meeting

Recordon, David drecordon at
Wed Jun 21 14:12:30 UTC 2006

As I mentioned last week, we're hosting a meeting this Friday for anyone
that wishes to come down to Mountain View for a few hours.  We're
planning on 10am-2pm at 487 E Middlefield Road, Building 2 and there is
parking behind it.  A VTA stop is also less than a block away if you are
planning to catch Caltrain.

I realize this is certainly late planning, but figure it will be
worthwhile even if only a few people show up.  So far I know that Larry
Drebes and Josh Hoyt from JanRain will be there along with Johannes
Ernst of NetMesh.  Please let me know, within about the next 12 hours,
if you're going to be able to make it so that we can order food.


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