that ess in 'https'

Josh Hoyt josh at
Tue Jun 27 22:20:01 UTC 2006

On 6/27/06, David Strauss <mailinglists at> wrote:
> Martin Atkins wrote:
> > I think the main thing that's bothering me about this assumption that
> > HTTPS and HTTP are the same is that it's making some arbitrary decision
> > that we can trust these URLs as the same as long as the hostname and
> > path are the same, regardless of scheme.
> It's not arbitrary. It's a whole different protocol layer below HTTP.
> Should we distinguish OpenIDs by whether the identity page traveled over
> IPv4 or IPv6?  It's the same basic thing.

It's not the same basic thing. Given a SSL certificate signed by a
trusted authority, using SSL adds protection against DNS spoofing and
man-in-the-middle attacks. If otherwise identical http and https URLs
are considered the same identifier, that protection goes away,
regardless of which URL a user chooses to use or the protocol prefers.
Calling http and https URLs equal weakens the strength of the
assertions that OpenID is *able* to make.

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