Identity 2.0

Johannes Ernst at
Wed Mar 1 22:14:08 UTC 2006


it appears to me that you are fully convinced that "pushing" of  
identity information to relying parties is unconditionally much  
better than "pulling", and that you indeed plan to make this one of  
the (the?) cornerstone of a competitive case study that SXIP Identity  
Corp. technology is so much better than what the community has been  
developing with YADIS / OpenID / LID / i-names / XRI etc.

I'm baffled, because I can't see how you could possibly win this  
argument on the merits. (the essence of which is that "pull" can  
address all the requirements of "push" that I've seen with the exact  
same user model, and address a number of requirements that "push"  

But then, if you truly believe that, please go ahead, it's far from  
me to discourage you from that course of action or convince you of  
the non-SXIP point of view at this point in time.

Good luck,


Johannes Ernst
NetMesh Inc.

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