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On Mar 2, 2006, at 12:26, Dick Hardt wrote:

> On 1-Mar-06, at 2:14 PM, Johannes Ernst wrote:
>> Dick,
>> it appears to me that you are fully convinced that "pushing" of  
>> identity information to relying parties is unconditionally much  
>> better than "pulling", and that you indeed plan to make this one  
>> of the (the?) cornerstone of a competitive case study that SXIP  
>> Identity Corp. technology is so much better than what the  
>> community has been developing with YADIS / OpenID / LID / i- 
>> names / XRI etc.
> Johannes, why are you so antagonistic? It would be ridiculous for  
> us to assume that one tech is unconditionally better then another.  
> To date, the advantages of Push seem to far outweigh Pull?
>> I'm baffled, because I can't see how you could possibly win this  
>> argument on the merits. (the essence of which is that "pull" can  
>> address all the requirements of "push" that I've seen with the  
>> exact same user model, and address a number of requirements that  
>> "push" cannot)
> I actually see the opposite. There are numerous advantages to Push.  
> But just so you don't think that I am being "unconditional", here  
> are the two "advantages" of "Pull"
> 1)  'Pull" allows a site to get the user data whenever it wants it  
> from a registry or directory. Of course, there is a protocol that  
> already does this. It is called LDAP.
> 2) "Pull" makes it easy for a site to get public data. This is  
> great for discovery data or for things like public keys. A good  
> example of "Pull" is DNS.
> In a prior message, I pointed out that the data security advantage  
> you claimed was not really that much of an advantage. (not much  
> difference between storing the data and storing how to get the  
> data, with the downside that the registry needs to have much more  
> complexity) -- why do you ignore these points?
>> But then, if you truly believe that, please go ahead, it's far  
>> from me to discourage you from that course of action or convince  
>> you of the non-SXIP point of view at this point in time.
> Don't worry,  you won't discourage me. To date, I have found your  
> actions to be reactionary, unconstructive, with little attempt for  
> understanding. But I am *still* here!
> Conversely, I have been actively trying to understand what the  
> Yadis community is trying to solve, since there seems to be similar  
> overlap with what we are trying to solve at Sxip.

Johannes Ernst
NetMesh Inc.

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