Caching of discovered Yadis service definitions / best practices?

Johannes Ernst at
Sat Mar 4 03:02:22 UTC 2006


I know there's all the machinery you guys have defined that we can  
essentially get for free in Yadis ...

What I meant to ask was about implementation practices.



On Mar 3, 2006, at 16:45, Drummond Reed wrote:

> Johannes,
> What's nice is that all the cache support is built into the XRD  
> vocabulary
> (the Expires element) plus all the normative rules in the XRI  
> Resolution
> spec (the famous final Working Draft 10 of which should finally be  
> out next
> week).
> So the Yadis spec could just reference or add its own policies  
> around that.
> =Drummond
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> Subject: Caching of discovered Yadis service definitions / best  
> practices?
> The first time a Relying Party (RP) encounters a Yadis-enabled URL,
> the RP will likely want to obtain the Yadis document associated  
> with it.
> The second time the RP encounters the same URL, it may or may not
> want to re-resolve. If a year has passed, it probably should re-
> resolve. If a second has passed, re-resolving is almost certainly
> going to produce the same information.
> Of course, we agreed that the Yadis 1.0 spec will be silent on this
> issue, and that decision was the right one.
> I have a question for implementors: Do you cache? Or not? Or in the
> next version? ;-)
> If you cache, for how long do you cache? Or what is your policy? I
> suspect that most people won't cache at this point in time, in
> particular as resolution loads are still low. But if you did, what
> would your policy be and why?
> Johannes Ernst
> NetMesh Inc.

Johannes Ernst
NetMesh Inc.

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